Who we are
We are LWF Mauritania

The LWF contributes to poverty reduction and for the wellbeing of the people of Mauritania by empowering poor andmarginalized communities and adressing the root causes of their poverty. LWF Mauritania is also engaged in advocacy. In Mbera we are managing a refugee camp for people who fled the conflict in Mali.

Our Projects

Our Vision

United in their cultural diversity, the people of Mauritania live with dignity and peace in just, democratic and tolerant communities enabling them to enjoy their rights and quality of life.

Our Mission

LWF Mauritania works for enhancing justice and dignity for all through partnering with empowered poor and marginalized communities so they can enjoy their rights.

Our Core Values

These values are understood as a set of qualities marking the experience and the work of each of its employees and the entire organization. Every staff is committed to practice these core values while performing his/her responsibilities:

  • dignity and justice
  • compassion and commitment
  • inclusion and participation
  • accountability and transparency
Our Approach

From 2015-2020, our theory of change focuses on the human development process. People are valuable resources, and their unity, empowerment and development is the ultimate goal of our program. In collaboration with the government, civil societies and the community, LWF Mauritania will attain its vision, which is stated above, through the following:

Rights-based Approach: e inform and sensitize 

LWF Mauritania in Numbers

Have been assisted by LWF Mauritania in 2014
National and international staff engaged in our projects.
Annual budget 2014.
The LWF started the Mauritania country program in 1974.


Latitude: 18.073530
Longitude: -15.958237


Latitude: 16.216667
Longitude: -7.633333


Latitude: 15.861876
Longitude: -5.954182


Latitude: 17.231756
Longitude: -13.174035


Latitude: 16.595070
Longitude: -14.259944