Program Overview

The LWF Mauritania program aims at enabling people to become facilitators and actors of their own development. The targeted communities are resilient and have adopted good practices in emergency preparedness and emergency response.

They have appropriate production systems and become self-reliant. They are able to save and create assets. They are moving from income.generating activities to small and medium enterprises. They are guardians in charge of protecting their environment.

They know their rights and are able to claim them in case of violation. We want to empower people to claim their rights and to hold those in power accountable to the citizens by fulfilling their responsibilities.

We support communities to live in harmony in spite of diversity, to accept one another andto equitably share resources.

Strategic Objective 1
Disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness and response

People and communities are better prepared for emergencies and are able to respond to  and recover faster from all types of disasters and complex emergencies.

Strategic Objective 2
Sustainable Livelihoods

Greater numbers of poor and marginalized communities achieve adequate livelihoods without compromising the livelihood of future generations.

Strategic Objective 3
Community-led action for justice and peace

People are able to fully exercise their human rights and participate in decisions affecting their lives. They advocate for and build a strong civil society.