Our areas of operation are in Hodh El Charghui, Brakna and Nouakchott.

presence in three states
Refugees, Returnees, Human Righs

Situated on the African West coast, Mauretania connects the Arab Maghreb and the Sahara desert. A large number of the less than 4 million inhabitants live as nomads. Despite rich mineral resources such as iron ore and oil, Mauretania ranks among the poorest countres in the world. LWF Mauritania works in three districts. In Nouakchott LWF does interventions around human rights, promoting girl's education and supporting people living with HIV/AIDS. In Brakna, we combat poverty and inequality among returnees and victims of the events 1989-1991. In Hodh El Charghui, we support refugees of the conflict in Mali. 

Poverty and inequality
Hodh El Charghui

Hodh El Charghui is the most remote LWF operation in Mauritania. More than 1,000 kilometres from the capital of Nouakchott, the place has been a ilitary zone since 2011 with a volatile security situation. Hodh El Charghui is the zone where slavery still is most prevalent, and more than half of the population live in poverty. LWF is managing the Mbera camp close to the town of Nema, which is home to more than 53,000 refugees from neighboring Mali.


In Brakna, some 350 kilometres from Nouakchott, we work with returnees and victims of the 1989-1991 events who have been dispossessed of their land. Almost two thirds of the population live in poverty. With an integrated community development program, we train people in disaster risk reduction and emergency preparedness, and support them in setting up sustainable livelihoods.

Human rights and advocacy

Nouakchott, the Mauritanian capital, is situated right at the African West coast. Roughly one third of the country's population live in the city. Due to drought, mass exodus from rural areas has made the population grow even more, many of the people living in the outskirts of town in slum-like setllements without basic social services. The poverty rate is high, though less than is the remaining part of the country.